Deepen your resources to bounce back -

and go on to thrive.

Resilience is you at your best + most authentic.

Resilience coaching brings you back to yourself, helps you build up what feels depleted and gives you what you need to spring forward and LIVE life. The resilience coaching formula is simple:

  • A strong, confident, optimistic mindset.
  • Breaking the bad habits, forming the healthy, positive ones.
  • Knowing, and feeling confident in, the real you.
  • Upgrading to a powerfully supportive inner narrative (bye bye inner critic).
  • Emotional awareness and feeling in control.
  • The mind-body connection. The body as a tool for calming, clarity, joy and energy management.

I know, most people don’t expect building resilience to be that far reaching. But this is what determines how you respond to everything in life - it’s much more than having cold showers. You will walk away from resilience coaching with a new sense of freedom, calm - and the ability to make things happen in your life.

Are you ready to make a change?

Bouncing back, being consistent, being adaptable..

These are traits most of us recognise as resilient. What is often missing from the conversation is the process of acquiring those traits. For example, if you want to get good at bouncing back, you need to master the motivation to try again – and for that you need to be able to calm your fears because a lack of motivation usually comes down to fear.

These are the processes that we work on in resilience coaching. They are fundamental to almost every aspect of how you approach life as a human being – surviving AND thriving – and that’s why resilience coaching has such a big impact on your life.


No one is born resilient.. 

…and resilience is not part of your personality. Your current level of resilience is based on what you think, say and do every day. Often, life doesn’t teach us the basics of being resilient and so we need to create for ourselves:

  • A flexible mindset and the ability to manage emotions.
  • Understanding the impact of the past and removing mental limits it created e.g. shame, negativity + imposter syndrome.
  • Nervous system calm. Because no one can bounce back, adapt or find solutions while stuck in fight, flight, freeze.
  • Authenticity. Feeling comfortable in your skin, with the kind of passion and purpose that burns through self-doubt and anxiety.
  • Making the switch from self-criticism to self-compassion. Because nothing will disrupt your ability to be consistent and make progress more than attacking yourself from the inside.
  • Creating the life you want. Most of us don’t know how much we’re actually capable of. And almost all of us are playing small in some way. Through resilience coaching you’ll start to reach the goals you’ve always dreamed of – as well as the ones you never even allowed yourself to dream. 

These things are fundamental to just surviving life – and critical for living a life you really love, which is why resilience coaching is such a smart investment. As an online life coach I’ll help you make that investment count..

Work With Me

A flexible package of 9 weekly or fortnightly sessions. Create change, burn through obstacles, find your peace, shift to a more powerful perspective. Practical, action-focused sessions that you can use to build up and bounce back or expand and spring forward. Whatever it is you've been waiting to do, it's time to make it happen. 

£810 (or 3 x monthly £270 payments).

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A single, 90-minute online resilience coaching session designed to deliver clarity. Whether it's getting unstuck, motivating yourself, understanding how you're getting in your own way or knowing how to guide yourself out of burnout - or through a challenging time at work or home - this session will leave you feeling calm, confident, well-resourced and clear on what to do next.

£135 - BUY NOW or find out more.

Resilience affects so many areas of our lives - and we can use it to build up the responses, traits, habits and mindset that really serve us. This provides huge scope for resilience-based workshops. Mental Health and Resilience, Stress Resilience, Authenticity, Building Resilience Through Self-Compassion and Confidence Building through Resilience are just some of the topics I have successfully covered.

"A glorious workshop. Great techniques and so well delivered. I found the reminder on shame really useful - and the section on purpose got me really excited." Authenticity workshop March 2024.

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Employees are twice as likely to be motivated and productive if they are resilient. I offer resilience training, 1:1 coaching and workshops that deliver genuine resilience tools - not the tick box variety - so that your business can enjoy improvements in productivity, innovation and efficiency and wellbeing, engagement and motivation.

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Resilience Coach

What is resilience coaching?

We will work together to improve your resilience, whether that means finding more self-compassion and tenacity to navigate failure and uncertainty or building up the confidence and creative boldness you need to take big next steps.

Resilience coaching involves using a specific timeline in an action-driven way. Working with an online life coach means you have the comfort of doing the work in your own home.

Hi, I’m Alex

I trained as a coach with Full Circle Global and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have also completed a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University, am NLP certified and currently training in somatics, all of which adds to the quality and depth of the coaching I do.

Experience is another important factor when you’re evaluating whether someone is the right coach for you – my client testimonials reveal a lot about the kind of coach I am and what I can do.

As a human, I have gone from a London-based life as a solicitor to becoming an online life coach, author, podcaster, cold water swimmer and adventurer. I don’t believe you’re ever too old to start again and 99% of the time I know the only thing in your way is you.

I have helped hundreds of people change their lives with more resilience.

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