Deepen your resources to bounce back -

and go on to thrive.


I focus on resilience because it's about much more than just surviving tough times - it's the momentum for thriving too. Resilience coaching can help you to:

  • Move from a fixed to a growth mindset
  • Rewire negative core beliefs
  • Increase self-esteem and feel confident
  • Free yourself from your inner critic + imposter syndrome
  • Stop holding yourself back - break out of your limits
  • Love and accept yourself and enjoy the empowerment that brings 
  • Handle stress, conflict, anxiety and uncertainty better
  • Learn the mind hacks that make transformation easier

Resilience is what we need to break patterns, to stick at hard things and do what we never thought we could. It's a whole system experience, which is why resilience coaching is so versatile.

As an online life coach I will work with you so that you feel empowered to be you, love you, heal you - and move past what is holding you back. You already have the seeds of what you need to make your goals and desires happen - I'm here to help you bring it all to life. It's time to discover the version of you who can.

Alex - Resilience Coach

Are you ready to make a change?

Resilience coaching works like this..

There are 4 areas that tend to form the basis of resilience coaching sessions.

  1.  The things that (unconsciously) influence you and hold you back. For example, negative core beliefs, negative narratives, low self-esteem, anxiety, shame, how much you really know and accept yourself. We can work on revealing where you’re not aware you’re doing this and changing what you allow to influence your life decisions + experiences.
  2. How you function every day and see the world. Your mindset and your habits. Intentionally creating a mindset that works for you, establishing strong habits and working through barriers such as perfectionism, imposter syndrome, social conditioning.
  3. How do use your body to be more emotionally resilient. If you want to be confident, empowered, assertive, decisive and focused then first you need to feel safe. Your nervous system can be a source of support or consistently make life harder (e.g. dumping you into a fight or flight response). It can be a revelation to see how much of a source of insight your body is – and how working with it can help you to thrive. 
  4. Creating the life you want. Part of resilience coaching is practical planning and actions that help you to achieve goals and change what isn’t working. Coaching is a very practical, action-driven process where there is safe space for emotion and reflecting. It will transform the way you see, and approach, problems as well as goals and dreams. The end result is a sustainable shift towards a brand new outlook and energy. Take a look at my testimonials if you’d like to see the real life impact it has had.

Resilience Coach

What is resilience coaching?

We will work together to improve your resilience, whether that means finding more self-compassion and tenacity to navigate failure and uncertainty or building up the confidence and creative boldness you need to take big next steps.

Resilience coaching involves using a specific timeline in an action-driven way. Working with an online life coach means you have the comfort of doing the work in your own home.

Resilience coaching packages

I offer 3 resilience coaching packages, designed to support you wherever you are right now. We will work together to improve your resilience, whether that means finding more self-compassion and tenacity to navigate failure and uncertainty or building up the confidence and creative boldness you need to take big next steps. Package options are below - or book a free intro call to find out more.

A flexible package of 9 sessions you can use weekly or fortnightly. Use resilience to create change, burn through obstacles or create a more powerful mindset. Practical, action-focused sessions with plenty of scope for reflection and finding clarity on you. Plan, build, take action, make it happen.

£810. Find out more.

A 6 -month package of 6 monthly sessions with fortnightly check-ins via email or WhatsApp. Low key structured designed for busy lives, with a monthly coaching hour to power through challenges and get support to be more resilient every day. Stay on track, stay motivated, inspired and accountable.

£720 (£120pcm). Find out more.

A resilience overhaul with lots of support. Shift from a mindset of low resilience and see your world transform. A comprehensive package of coaching sessions, support, reflection and follow up to generate change - and make it stick. Become the resilient person you've always wanted to be; the version of you who can.

£1,620 (£810pcm). Find out more.

A one-off intensive 90-min coaching session. Use it to tackle what you’ve been stuck on, a particular challenge, explore resilience and motivation strategies, create clear goals or get a mindset reframe. A unique opportunity for a powerful shift -  you'll leave the session motivated, with clarity and a plan.

£132. Find out more.

Hi, I’m Alex

My journey to becoming an online life coach, has involved a lot of training and learning, as well as personal experience and self-reflection. I have gone from a London-based life as a lawyer to becoming an online life coach, writer, published author, podcaster, cold water swimmer and someone who struggles up mountains despite bad knees. I coach according to my core values, which are:

  • Honesty, open communication
  • Embracing discomfort and vulnerability
  • Love and relentless compassion and self-compassion
  • Life-long learning and adventure
  • Nurturing courage, confidence and intuition
  • Somatic truth – healing and growth happen as much in the body as the mind

My goal as an online life coach is to create a safe environment – with the right level of challenge – where you can feel inspired, motivated and ready to move on from whatever has been holding you back.

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