The relationship with yourself is at the heart of being resilient – that’s why it’s fundamental for resilience coaching. Here are 5 things that you will improve along the way on the resilience coaching journey.


Ever felt lonely in a relationship or around other people? Often, that’s because we lack a strong connection with ourselves, rather than with a partner or friends. Work on the relationship you have with you and you’ll feel a lot less lonely – AND make better choices in terms of the people you invest your time and energy in.


Shame cripples our authenticity, keeps us stuck in cycles of negativity and inaction and destroys our relationships. It hides itself in the inner critic, self-judgment and impossible standards like perfectionism. You need to know yourself really well to stop it affecting you behind the scenes. A strong relationship with yourself means shame won’t have the chance to undermine you.


Procrastination is often about anticipating shame (e.g. the shame of failure) or about fear (e.g. being afraid of getting it wrong). Once you know yourself better you’ll clearly see what makes you procrastinate – and (crucially) you’ll be able to do something about it. That positive relationship with yourself is essential if you want to get things done.


Anxiety is a learned response. It’s us being used to focusing on a fear-inducing, negative future outcome when the reality is that we don’t know what’s going to happen next. The stronger your relationship with yourself, the easier you’ll find it to see where anxiety is sending you down the wrong path – and to course correct back to focus and calm.


It feels hard to make progress in life when self-doubt is loud. What this comes down to is not trusting yourself. Just as getting to know another person helps us build trust with them, working on the relationship you have with you will build trust in your unique strengths and abilities. The more trust there is, the less room there will be for doubt.

A strong relationship with yourself starts here

A stronger relationship with yourself makes life feel easier, calmer, more joyful and less riddled with fear and doubt. If you’ve made it to the end of this blog then you’re clearly ready for it – book a free 10 min intro call and let’s chat.

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