Find your confidence and feel more in control of your life – Authenticity Workshop 21st March 2024 7.30pm GMT.

We all know the energy that a truly authentic person has; someone who is genuinely comfortable in their own skin, excited about life and happy being themselves. This workshop is for you if you’re ready to be that person too.

There is so much power in being fully yourself. Confidently, calmly and clearly.

Authenticity empowers you to be you

..and is the antidote to anxiety, self-doubt, negativity and people pleasing because it creates confidence and security.  More authenticity =

  • Confident decisions.
  • Feeling in control and able to cope.
  • Being able to take bold and inspired action.
  • Clarity on you, your life and your next steps.
  • Bad habits and limiting beliefs don’t stop you anymore.
  • Consistent sense of peace and empowerment that comes from feeling genuinely secure.

Join the authenticity workshop, 21st March 7.30pm GMT

Join me on 21st March at 7.30pm for a workshop that will give you what you need to embrace authenticity. We’ll be focusing on:

  • How to be you and live life your way, regardless of external factors.
  • Tackling what stops you being you, including releasing shame, fear of others’ judgment and self-doubt.
  • How to feel more in control and stop self-defeating behaviours.
  • Belonging vs fitting in.
  • Developing intuition/gut instinct for confident decision-making.
  • ‘Finding’ your purpose – and use it to inspire and motivate yourself.

If you’re ready to feel more confident and in control in your life then it’s time to tap into the biggest power source that you have for positive change: the authentic you

The workshop will run for around an hour and there will be a replay available for 48hrs if you miss the live session. Buy your ticket for the workshop here.

Why did I decide to do an authenticity workshop?

Because of how much authenticity has helped me. Here are a few of the things that have changed for me as a result of having more of it:

I love who I am and feel lucky, despite so many voices in society telling me that as a single, child-free woman in her 40s I shouldn’t

I am loving getting older! I fully see my purpose and value in this world and authenticity has helped me to release the shame that was distorting my view of me.  

I have nothing to prove

I can just leave an argument, see when someone’s reaction is all about them and nothing to do with me – and just let things go. I have stopped wasting my energy on trying to get people to agree with me or see me in a certain way. I see me and I know who I am and that’s actually all I needed all along. 

‘No’ is a complete sentence for me now

I really hear my intuition and that gives me the confidence to make decisions and set boundaries. 

I don’t fear failure like I used to

Work in progress this one but I’m getting there! I actually allow myself to make mistakes now – and then look for the learning. Again, removing shame from the picture has meant I can keep growing instead of turning on myself. 

I’m assertive in a way I’ve never been before

I will speak up when I want to and I’m willing to be “difficult” because I know what matters to me. I back myself and validate myself. 

But I’m calm, logical and much more collaborative. I used to be desperately shy, often overcome by anger or people pleasing and that all changed when I began to know and trust myself better. 

Ready to experience this too?

Come and join me next Thursday to explore the positive impact authenticity could have on your life too. The workshop is £19 and a replay will be available if you miss the live session. Get your ticket now.

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