Is It Right For Me?

Resilience coaching – frequently asked questions.

How do you know resilience coaching is for you?

The best way to work out whether resilience coaching is right for you is to book a free 10 min intro call with me. We’ll be able to get a sense of whether I’m the right coach for you, whether the process will suit you and you can tell me about your current challenges – and where you want to be in the near future.

I’ve also outlined some of the most commonly asked questions below to give you some more info. You can also look at other people’s experiences via my Facebook Reviews and Testimonials.

How does the 1:1 process work?

Number of sessions: 6 – 9

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Frequency: weekly or fortnightly

Delivery: via Zoom

I use a transformational model of life coaching, weaving in resilience intelligence, NLP and somatic techniques based around a 6-9 session structure.

In Session 1 I’ll ask you to tell me what’s going on in your life, what’s brought you to coaching and together we’ll establish the outcome we’re aiming for. This ‘goal’ is based on how you want to feel at the end of the sessions and where you want to be. I will encourage you to dream big, nothing is out of reach. It will stretch you and challenge you in the best possible way.

In Session 2 we break the goal down into milestones i.e. a series of clear steps that show what needs to change practically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially (etc) to make that final outcome happen. 

From Session 3 on we start working on the milestones, breaking each one down into actions you can do between sessions to help move you forward. Together we’ll work through your triumphs and progress, any resistance you feel, fears, anxiety, mental blocks like imposter syndrome and breaking bad habits, whether that is people pleasing or something lifestyle based. With each one we’ll get you to where you need to be to make your ultimate goal happen by creating the resilient mindset shifts, habits – and unpicking what’s causing problems in your unconscious mind – to help you get there. 

Why does it work?

The answer to this is going to be different for everyone. Coaching is incredibly effective because it provides the opportunity to examine your current reality. And to change what has influenced that so far (your perspective, mindset, impact of the past etc). A great coach will ask questions that open up entire new perspectives you’d never considered, challenge limits you didn’t know you had and give you the chance to develop attributes like confidence and self-belief that might have always felt out of reach before now.

Resilience coaching works because resilience influences so many areas of our lives, from how we feel in ourselves to the career we choose and the way we connect to others. That’s why you can bring pretty much any challenge to this type of coaching and see big results.

But does it work via Zoom?
Coaching is ideally suited to video conferencing as there is plenty of scope for picking up non-verbal cues, as well as intuitively guiding the conversation. It’s also much more convenient, cheaper than a face-to-face session and many people feel more comfortable doing this kind of work in the comfort of their own homes. If you don’t have Zoom then there are other options. All you need is decent Wi-Fi.
Is resilience coaching the same as therapy?

No, they are very different. Coaching isn’t counselling, therapy, mentoring or managing. One of the key distinctions is the focus of resilience coaching, which is very much forward looking. Your past will inevitably be part of the discussion but coaching is about identifying what is coming up – and what needs to change to move past it. Resilience coaching is practical and action-focused. We talk a lot but it’s about empowering you to action too. Resilience coaching can be very complementary to counselling and therapy and many clients do both at the same time.

Will I need to commit to resilience coaching long term?

No, unlike therapy, resilience coaching is intended to have an end date.  What you achieve in the 6-9 sessions is designed to be sustainable – you can take it forward yourself and run with it. You won’t need me to continue to grow, you’ll have the tools to go for it on your own. If you want to come back at a later date and do another 6 – 9 sessions that’s fine.

FAQs for Resilience Coaching
What are your qualifications to coach?

I am qualified coach with a lot of experience – take a look at my testimonials page to see how I’ve worked with clients over the years. 

Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice (CPCP) – trained with Full Circle Global (accredited by the International Coaching Federation).

NLP Certified by the NLP School.

Certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University.

Member of the International Coaching Federation.

Do I need to sign anything?

I have a coaching agreement which sets out the basis for our resilience coaching relationship – both of us will sign this. The agreement will cover everything, from how your confidentiality and data is protected to how to pay for your sessions and what to do if you need to cancel.

What happens if I’m not happy with the coaching?

As per the coaching agreement, you can bring your coaching sessions to an end at any time if you feel like the relationship is not working for you.