Is It Right For Me?

Frequently answered questions.

Answers to Questions

How does the process work?

Number of sessions:6 – 9

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Frequency: weekly or fortnightly

Delivery: via Zoom

Session 1 – establishing the outcome (/final coaching goal) based on where you are now and where you want to be when the coaching process comes to an end.

Session 2 – defining milestones i.e. the changes that need to occur practically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially (etc) to make that final outcome happen.

Session 3 – 6 (0r 9) – identifying practical actions to do between sessions to move you forward. This part of the process is all about working through whatever comes up, challenging what is holding you back, finding ideas and inspiration, shifting narratives and building confidence and self belief.

Why does it work?
Coaching works because it’s simple. You set a goal and then create realistic, practical steps that will take you there and still stretch you along the way. Most people barely notice it working and then look back at the end of the process with a “I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”

Coaches like me are trained to create a safe and productive space for you to work in so that you feel comfortable going deep, being honest, opening up and confidently making change. Crucially, the coach is also the structure – so that the process is productive for you – and will keep you accountable so that you sustain momentum in a way you may not be able to do alone. A trained and experienced coach will also be able to ask exactly the right questions to open up your perspective in a transformational way, revealing hidden limiting beliefs, helping you to realise what you really want and giving you the confidence to start listening to your own inner intelligence.

But does it work via Zoom?
Coaching is ideally suited to video conferencing as there is plenty of scope for picking up non-verbal cues, as well as intuitively guiding the conversation. It’s also much more convenient, cheaper than a face-to-face session and many people feel more comfortable doing this kind of work in the comfort of their own homes. If you don’t have Zoom then there are other options. All you need is decent Wi-Fi.
Is coaching the same as therapy?
No, they are very different. Coaching isn’t counselling, therapy, mentoring or managing. The flow of information is from client to coach. One of the key distinctions is the focus of coaching, which is very much forward looking. Your past will inevitably be part of the discussion but coaching is about identifying what needs to change and how to move forward. Coaching can be very complementary to counselling and therapy but is not a replacement for it
What can I expect from resilience coaching?

Take a look at the Testimonials page if you’d like to see a few examples of what others got from it. Everyone’s experience is individual but it could help you to:

  • Build confidence and unshakeable self belief. 
  • Find your purpose and move away from feelings of unfulfilled potential.
  • Tune into your gut instinct and start living from a more intuitive place.
  • Improve self awareness – strengthen your connections and relationships, with others and with yourself.
  • Align who you are with what you want – release old narratives and limiting beliefs so that you’re living wholeheartedly and intentionally.
  • Start taking action and getting comfortable with risk so you can expand your comfort zone and level up.
  • Learn how to set achievable goals that stretch and excite.
  • Develop your inner strength so that you are your own biggest fan and you always have your own back, releasing reliance on external validation.
  • Get clarity on where you’re going next.
  • Start to take up space, set boundaries, allow hard feelings and get some distance from emotions.
  • Become a more self reflective person.
  • Increase ability to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.
  • Get out of your own way.
Will I need to commit to coaching long term?
No, it’s 6 – 9 sessions. What you achieve in the 6-9 sessions is designed to be sustainable – you can take it forward yourself and run with it. You won’t need me to continue to grow, you’ll have the tools to go for it on your own. If you want to come back at a later date and do another 6 – 9 sessions that’s fine.
FAQs for Resilience Coaching
What is the heart-led writing course?
This came from several requests I had to combine my expertise as a coach and a writer to help others get more from their creativity. I am a published author and copywriter of 10+ years and I have a lot of experience writing for the online world. I’m also a coach with the tools to help you move beyond any blocks to your self-expression and to help you start communicating authentically and bravely, no matter what your mission or medium.
What is resilience coaching for recovery?
It’s a bespoke course that is designed to provide an option for that space post-event (e.g., big wave surfing, triathlon) where we don’t necessarily optimise the opportunities we have to recovery and improve for next time (e.g., substances to release the pressure). I use the tools of transformational coaching, plus NLP techniques and a somatic approach to design a programme around your specific needs.
What happens if I’m not happy with the coaching?
As per the coaching agreement, you can bring your coaching sessions to an end at any time if you feel like the relationship is not working for you. That’s the same even if you have paid up front to take advantage of a discount.