Earlier this year I collaborated on a fitness challenge – providing mindset support to people who were looking to improve their fitness and nutrition. And I can’t tell you how totally out of my comfort zone that was.

Where did I get the audacity to think I could contribute to a fitness challenge? My expertise is in resilience – mindset and nervous system – not fitness. It felt like this could go horribly wrong.

The inner critic gets loud outside the comfort zone

My inner critic was loud. This was unchartered territory for me – a group of people looking to change their bodies, not their minds. The fear I had was that I’d have nothing of value to offer and no one would engage with the mindset work – or see it as relevant to a fitness challenge.

Did I mention my inner critic was loud?

And yet.. there was something inside me that told me ‘this just makes sense.’ 

I know that mindset affects everything. Whether it’s work, relationships or fitness, the effort we make is determined by what’s in our mindset. What we believe is possible is defined by mindset. Motivation comes from mindset. Self-control, discipline, consistency – all mindset.

And, crucially, I just had this certain sense that I could make a difference here – when I thought about my contributions they just fit. I wouldn’t have had that kind of confidence a decade ago. It’s the result of all the work I’ve done on authenticity – discovering who I really am, what I’m really passionate about and what actually matters to me.

This is what happened next..

Turns out the mindset magic I want everyone to understand is more important to me than my fears… because I took the leap and did it. And this was the result.

Anything outside your comfort zone is going to trigger anxiety

And that anxiety is going to have all the classic messages in – “this won’t work,” “you’ll look stupid,” “you will fail” etc. The trick is to hear that and know that it’s not the truth, something you’ll find a lot easier to do if you’ve done the work on knowing who you are and what you want to do with your life (the authenticity part of resilience coaching).

Because it’s that which creates the foundation for a resilient mindset. And when you have a more flexible, grounded and resilient mindset you don’t freeze when anxiety and discomfort kick in – these aren’t the end of the line. Instead, you’ve got the tools to guide yourself out of fight, flight, freeze and refocus your mind on taking the next steps that could lead to the wonderful things anxiety will never predict. And which you’ll only get the chance to experience if you stop listening to it. Whether you’re outside your comfort zone or not.

Ready to ditch the anxiety – and the comfort zone?

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