Laura was just one of so many incredible women who have come to me locked in a cycle of self-criticism, feeling negative about themselves, with low confidence, and suppressing who they are for fear of judgment from others.

Often, there is a lot of anger. Stemming from past events or present. Which generates shame. Because we are (wrongly) told that women aren’t supposed to be angry. 

How does this show up at work? Being criticised as “difficult” or “aloof,” being taken advantage of, minimised or excluded. Feeling resentful, hopeless, lacking confidence and dreading every day.

Some of these women – including Laura – were in a really unfair situation that was not of their making, or their fault. But they were also magnifying its impact by being incredibly hard on themselves.

The key was resilience. We worked on releasing the negativity and anger that stopped them feeling resilient. And built in practices for self-compassion and self-belief that would inevitably create an unshakeable confidence.

And we achieved real self-acceptance. Because when you’ve accepted your “flaws” and you’re kind to yourself when you fail, nothing anyone says can hurt you in the same way.

Sometimes I think my key skill as a coach is an unstoppable energy of self-love that people can’t help but expand into. 

It acts like a cleansing fire for negativity and fuels a fierce love for who you are and what you have to offer the world that is so much stronger than fear.

I’m here to help you spark this. Book an intro call and let’s chat.

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