Resilience Coaching

Freedom. Starts. Here.

Give me 2 months..

That’s all it takes to make real, lasting change through resilience coaching. Resilience is connected to so much of the human experience that this coaching not only helps you adapt and bounce back – but also build confidence, emotional control, motivation, assertiveness, creative freedom the courage to take risks too. 

The only difference between you and a person who has those things right now is that they have learned what they need to think and do every day to build up confidence etc and you haven’t (yet).

If you want those things for yourself, you just need to know how – and through resilience coaching you’ll get what you need to do it.

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The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Are you ready to make a change?

We’re aiming for.. 

Real confidence and self-belief.

Emotionally balanced and flexible.

Secure and able to be vulnerable.

Into positive habits and beliefs that support motivation and growth.

Locked into self-compassion and able to reframe negativity.

Informed about the impact of your past – and able to free yourself from it.

Ease with your nervous system – no longer stuck in fight, flight, freeze.

No more imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-doubt or people pleasing.

Truly being the authentic version of you.

The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Investment In You

Work With Me

A flexible package of 9 weekly or fortnightly sessions. Create change, burn through obstacles, find your peace, shift to a more powerful perspective. Practical, action-focused sessions that you can use to build up and bounce back or expand and spring forward. Whatever it is you’ve been waiting to do, it’s time to make it happen. 

£810 (or 3 x monthly £270 payments).

Find out more. Or BOOK A FREE 10-MIN INTRO CALL

A single, 90-minute online resilience coaching session designed to deliver clarity. Whether it’s getting unstuck, motivating yourself, understanding how you’re getting in your own way or knowing how to guide yourself out of burnout – or through a challenging time at work or home – this session will leave you feeling calm, confident, well-resourced and clear on what to do next.

£135 – BUY NOW or find out more.

What can you do with this investment?

Resilience coaching is a different experience for everyone and the benefits will be individual to you, depending on your goals and needs. My clients have used resilience coaching to:

  • Navigate change e.g. moving into a leadership role at work, returning from maternity leave, entering freelance life, moving overseas.
  • Find consistent calm – through nervous system flexibility and tools that have a real impact on anxiety, panic and other fight, flight, freeze responses.
  • Break out of bad habits e.g. overanalysing, self-sabotage, perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, imposter syndrome.
  • Build up what feels depleted e.g. self-belief, internal validation, boundaries and security, motivation, enthusiasm, body confidence.
  • Become more flexible and resourceful, so as to adapt in challenging times and keep finding solutions and creating opportunities even when things are hard.
  • Develop an inner narrative that is self-compassionate, motivating and productive. Because nothing will disrupt your ability to survive and thrive more than attacking yourself from the inside.
  • Take a big step up in life. That ideal version of you that feels a little out of reach? My clients have used resilience coaching to get there.
The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Investment In You

Me as a coach

I’m well aware that there aren’t that many other coaches out there that are focused on both the body and the mind. But there is no resilience without both. In fact, there is really no positive mental health without both, something we are increasingly seeing supported by data from studies on topics like self-compassion and nervous system regulation.

Resilience is such a powerful force for humans, not just for surviving the hard times but for creating the building blocks for a happy and fulfilling life, from stepping out from under the shadow of your past, to knowing what really builds confidence (it’s a practice not a personality trait).

If you’re looking for someone to regurgitate 1960s behavioural models at you I’m not the right coach. If you want an empathetic, intuitive, science-driven professional who can help you tap into the deepest and most powerful parts of you, rewire what isn’t working and give you the freedom to really be you, then book an intro call and let’s chat some more.