One-to-One Coaching

Create the life you want to live today.

Does 1:1 Resilience Coaching Work?

Yes. That’s the short answer. You’ll be able to deepen the resources you have to adapt and bounce back – AND go on to thrive.

Consistently taking a series of small steps over a period of time enables you to cover a huge distance. Through 1:1 resilience coaching, your coach will reflect back to you the internal processes that might be holding you back, provide accountability, and open your mind to all the potential you have that you may not even have considered. 1:1 resilience coaching works in many areas including:

Inner drive. Emotional Wellbeing. Coping and Control. Bounceback. Future Focus. Relationships and Connection, Physical Health. Purpose. Acceptance.

The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Are you ready to make a change?

Transformation over 6–9 Sessions

I offer core resilience coaching as 6-9 sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis.This is a structured process based around goal setting, accountability, support, guidance and challenge. In each session we will work towards your goal through reflection, powerful questioning, practical action, planning and breaking down whatever might be holding you back.

Coaching is not an ongoing, or long-term, process but designed to achieve sustainable change and perspective shift in this time period. If you are looking for a more intensive coaching process, with personalised between-session support, ask me about the 2 Months to Resilience programme.

Core resilience coaching sessions are priced as follows:

Block of 6 sessions £450

Weekly or fortnightly, via Zoom, 45 – 60 mins each.

Block of 9 sessions £675

Weekly or fortnightly, via Zoom, 45 – 60 mins each.

I also take on a limited number of clients every couple of months at a more heavily discounted rate – if you feel like you would benefit from resilience coaching but these numbers don’t work for you, get in touch and I will see what I can do.

What can you do with this investment?

Coaching is a different experience for everyone and the benefits will be individual to you, depending on your goals and needs. These are some of the ways my clients have used resilience coaching:

  •  Creating a clear plan, with achievable steps, for a goal or dream that previously felt unachievable.
  • Finding purpose and working out how to live it.
  • Feeling confident about life, and the future, no matter what happens.
  • Revealing limiting beliefs and self-imposed obstacles to happy relationships – and moving past them.
  • Building a community, finding a tribe.
  • Improving emotional intelligence, creating stronger connections.
  • Improving key skills, such as communication.
  • Overcoming indecision, fear, procrastination and stuckness.
  • Stepping up into visibility and/or leadership.
The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Investment In You

Me as a coach

I trained as a coach with Full Circle Global – accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), of which I am a member – and gained my Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, which makes me a qualified coach.

Continuous Professional Development is important to a coach and I love doing this, for example I recently completed a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University. I am also currently in the process of becoming an NLP Practitioner, accredited with the ICF and exploring somatic coaching as part of my practice.

Experience is another important factor when you’re evaluating whether someone is the right coach for you – my client testimonials reveal a lot about the kind of coach I am and what I can do.