Resilient Habits (+Mindset) for Freelancers

Workshop: 2nd November 7.30pm.

Mindset + Habits 

..can hold you back or they can take you to the next level in freelance life. Resilience – the ability to adapt or transform – is what really makes the difference.

This workshop will give you tools, strategies and insights that you can use for:

Reframing challenges, becoming more adaptable and staying focused, creative and motivated no matter how slow or hard it gets.

Releasing the behaviours and thought cycles that are holding you back.

Getting clear on what a satisfying, successful freelance life looks like for you – and what needs to change right now to make that happen.


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Use the workshop to: 

  • TAKE ACTION. Move out of a low confidence rut and stuttering self-belief and shift into a more proactive and optimistic mindset even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by scarcity and fear.
  • FEEL EMPOWERED. Generate/build up the resilience resources that are necessary to create firm foundations from which to thrive – boundaries, internal validation, self-awareness etc.
  • EMBRACE BEING THE CREATOR. Freelance life is the gift that gives you the opportunity to live life exactly the way you want to, make the most of your talents and strengths and make earning a living feel ultra satisfying. You can do this – I’ll show you how to work in ways that optimise what you have to offer.
  • BACK YOURSELF. No more undermining myths, self-sabotage, “I’m not good enough,” viewing your potential through a scarcity lens or waiting until everything is perfect to take that next step
  • FLOURISH. Freelance life is the best life and it’s time to start loving yours.

These are the tools we’ll be working with:


  • MINDSET. Your mindset can take you to a new level – or it can hold you back. I’ll show you why things you might have tried may not have worked before and give you some tools to shift to a more optimistic and resilient outlook.
  • ENERGY. Learn the 1 single most effective thing you can do when you’re feeling low, stuck or in a place of scarcity. Works every time.
  • HABITS. How to make the right habits stick (confidence, motivation) and leave the unhelpful ones behind (procrastination, negative self-talk). Learn which habits will make the biggest difference to your challenges.
  • LIMITS. Understand where limits like self-sabotage, scarcity mindset, perfectionism and imposter syndrome come from – and I’ll show you how simple it is to move beyond these limits when you know how.
  • VISION. You’re not dreaming big enough? Got no clarity on where you’re going next? We can fix that.

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What will you get from this workshop?

Tools to help you reframe challenges so that you don’t get stuck in them.

Perspectives designed to help you create new solutions to old problems.

Habits for creating a strong foundation to boost confidence, empowerment + motivation.

The chance to change your experience of freelancing and create a day-today you actually love. 

Strategies to remove your obstacles – that actually work. Imagine freelance life without imposter syndrome, procrastination or self-doubt.

Ways to optimise your own unique talents + skills (instead of following others) and thrive through authenticity .

Knowledge and information – when you know WHY you do something, changing patterns becomes easier.

The option to add on a discounted coaching session with me as a follow up for some personal attention on your challenges and goals.