Tuning out the inner critic.

That voice in your head that tells you “she looks better, he is more loved, they have more than me, they find it easy.”

We hear these things as truths and allow them to make us feel less than.

But they are fiction. Brutal, harsh, self-hurting fiction that is there because of the protective mechanisms of the mind.

Comparing yourself never helps..

You need to undo and reprogram these narratives if you want the “poor me” and the “I’m not lovable” and the “I don’t deserve..” narratives to stop. If you want the comparison to stop. And if you want the impact of comparison to stop (low confidence, low self-esteem, jealousy, isolation).

Do that and this is what you’ll hear instead..

I look good

I am loved

I have what I need

This doesn’t have to be hard

And you’ll feel..

.. like it’s ok to be you. In fact, it’s wonderful to be you. And you’ll completely detach from obsessing about what others think. Stop wasting any time at all on it.

Your inner critic is no harmless thing. It’s often the reason why we destroy friendships and relationships, sabotage job opportunities or stay stuck in bad habits we know are hurting us.

Deprogramming comparison and the inner critic

In resilience coaching – and on my Change Your Mindset programme – we follow 3 simple steps for deprogramming the inner critic: 




This formula works every time.

This is how your inner critic works..

Your inner critic wants you to avoid any future hurt or failure by staying small. It achieves this by filling your mind with negativity and self-doubt. Life feels hard and sad and lonely if you let it dominate.

A lot of clients (especially women) have come to me feeling like this voice is their only voice – it’s all they have ever heard and its view of the world seems like truth. It’s truly life changing to realise that this is just one perspective on life and you can choose a different one. 

Do you want to have an optimistic and encouraging voice inside your head instead of a critical and negative one? Then this is where we start.

If you are ready to be inner critic-free sign up for my 6-week Change Your Mindset coaching programme (starts 5th Feb) or book a 1:1 coaching intro call and let’s apply this to your challenges.

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