Wellbeing Consultant

Centre-ing wellbeing in your organisation.

I am uniquely positioned to be able to provide support and guidance as a Wellbeing Consultant when it comes to mental health and wellbeing in a whole range of different environments, including:

  • The corporate world.
  • Any kind of crew setting (film sets, festivals, events, tours).
  • The charity sector.
  • Humanitarian organisations, emergency and rescue teams.
  • Schools and universities.
Alex - Resilience Coach and Life Coach - Shore Coaching

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What do I do?

  •  Establish, review or update your current wellbeing policies and framework
  • Create a wellbeing package for a specific event, project or team.
  •  Suggest changes, initiatives and ideas to deliver genuine opportunities to improve wellbeing within your organisation, team or crew
  • Ongoing support, individual or team. Ad hoc or pre-scheduled.
  • Consulting on situations, issues or changes as and when required.

Why me?

  • Mental health support. I’m a very experienced coach adept at supporting people with mental health challenges and general wellbeing. I have a team coaching qualification as well as Safeguarding Level 2.
  •  Policy and guidance. As a former solicitor I can confidently understand legislation and policy relating to mental health and wellbeing – as well as creating internal policies.
  • Designing wellbeing strategy. I can create and tailor an effective strategy for holistically improving individual wellbeing across any kind of organisation.
  • Improving organisation-wide wellbeing. I understand both the challenges organisations face with wellbeing, and the reasons why it matters. I can help to ensure that resources are being channelled into the places where they are going to be the most effective.
  • Knowledge and experience. An active listener who knows the value of both words and pauses – and how to use both to help you thrive.

This is a role that I fulfil on a contract basis and only for one organisation at a time – if you would like to know more please contact me

    Alex - Resilience Coach and Life Coach - Shore Coaching