“I wish I’d done this sooner” is something I hear a lot from my clients. Mainly because the anxiety and self-doubt of procrastination are so common – and so crippling. And because the simple tools of resilience coaching are so life changing, of course.

There is no point in punishing yourself with regret when you feel this. But I also think there’s value in thoughts like this, as they are showing you what you’d like to do differently going forward. I.e. hesitate less.

Where did your mind go first when you saw the subject line of this blog? What situation or goal or thing produced that little stab of something in your chest?

Because – whatever it was –  the fact that it was the first thing your mind went to was an instinctive nudge towards where you’re not acting on something that deep down you know you want to. 

And, second question, when you focus on that thing, really look at it – what ARE you waiting for?

Procrastination doesn’t serve anyone

Life is just too short to believe our own excuses. To justify procrastination.

Sure, there might be an actual reason to wait but most of the time we are just stuck in self-doubt and anxiety. But how can you recognise that? Well here are a few classic reasons we use to justify procrastination:

“I’m not ready.” Ready isn’t a state of mind, it’s a decision. 

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.” No one ever is. Not a reason not to press GO.

“I’m afraid.” So, do it scared.

“What if it doesn’t work out?” What if it does?

“I don’t know how to [  ].” All you need to know is the first step.

Sound familiar?

If you hear yourself using those excuses then what you’re really hearing is anxiety and self-doubt. Plus, a lack of faith in your ability to deal with life’s uncertainty and also in your own abilities. And that’s a narrative you have to challenge because it is UNDERMINING YOU EVERY DAY.

This is an opportunity for some loving discipline for yourself – self-kindness combined with action. So, start with the kindness – self-compassionate self-talk – and then take some action towards whatever that thing is that you know you’ve been holding back from starting/committing to/acting on. Just one small step – I promise you it’s going to make such a difference.

And if that thing you’ve been holding back on is resilience coaching then you know what to do. You can book a free 10 min intro call with me any day this week – no really, what are you waiting for?

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