Why work with a resilience coach?

Adapt, make progress, love your life.

7 Signs that you need a resilience coach


  1. Everything you’ve tried so far felt like a waste of time and money.
  2. You feel stuck. In a rut. Going in circles.
  3. You need clarity – on a big life decision, or just life in general.
  4. The same patterns constantly repeat in life and relationships and you want to do things differently.
  5. You feel tired and stressed. Everything feels hard and so much effort.
  6. You’re ready to find some balance. You rarely feel connected, present or joyful.
  7. You need structure, disciple and help implementing changes.

Not fully living our lives is one of our greatest regrets and, more often than not, we are the obstacle in our own way.

Resilience coaching is a process that will help you to start getting clear about your challenges – and your actual potential – and develop the confidence, courage and self-awareness to make change happen.

One to one resilience and life coaching - Shore Coaching

Are you ready to make a change?

One-to-One Coaching

My 45/60 minute sessions are proactive, action-driven and insightful. We talk, explore – and I will challenge and question – and then we do. Practical actions – with accountability attached – focused on what needs to change and how you can start to make that happen today.