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Resilience coaching workshops, tools and courses.

Resilience coaching workshops + courses 

I run various workshops and courses – online and in person – that are designed to provide practical ways to build resilience. And also to tackle challenges and live a more empowered life. Find out more about what’s coming up below.

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Resilience coaching workshops + courses 

  • Resilience Refuel Workshop (free) (Download here).
  • Resilience 1: Making Change Happen (online course. Available now).
  • Resilience 2: Resilience at Work (online course. Available now).
  • Resilience 3: Resilience for Stronger Relationships (online course. Coming soon).
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Resilience 1: Making Change Happen (online course. approx 7hrs). Available now £75.

Do you want to transform what isn’t working for you right now? Resilience is the fuel for change because it enables us to either bounce back and adapt – or bounce forward and transform. But we all do this differently.

The best way to make change happen is to do it your way – using your unique talents and attributes and tackling your specific obstacles. This course is video-driven, action packed and gives you tools to:

  • Learn why change feels hard (it’s not your fault).
  • Understand your own individual resistance to change.
  • Use inexpensive tools to start creating shifts + momentum.
  • Discover the big secret to the mindset you always wanted – and the habits that make it happen.
  • Build up confidence and resources to tolerate frustration, learn to adapt, bounce back – and transform.
  • Relieve a disregulated nervous system dominated by anxiety and stuckness.

If you want to transform what isn’t working for you right now, you’ve come to the right place.

Resilience 2: Resilience at Work (online course. approx 7hrs). 

Available now £75.

All our brains are different and we all function at our best with a different combination of environment and management – that’s why work can be a stressful and unfulfilling place to be. More resilience at work means you can navigate your challenges more smoothly – and set yourself up to thrive professionally in the coming years. The course will cover:

  • Professional goal setting and planning.
  • Taking a fresh look at old challenges.
  • Develop a confidence habit.
  • Change the way you interact with others in the workplace.
  • Designing the ideal version of you.
  • Tools for navigating hard situations, negative feedback and change.
  • Developing emotional intelligence so you can better understand others.
  • Management styles that inspire rather than drive.

Life is too short not to love what you do.

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FAQs for Resilience Coaching

Resilience 3: Resilience + Relationships (online course. approx 7hrs).

Coming soon.

Relationships can be a big source of vulnerability and improving your resilience can make navigating them much easier and more joyful. I have designed this as a self-study course so that you can take your time with it, reflect privately and ease into anything that feels challenging. There is the option to add on coaching sessions with me if you need them. The course will cover:

  • It all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.
  • Change how you approach challenging moments.
  • Asking for what you want – the right way and the wrong way.
  • How to have difficult conversations.
  • Shifting to a more optimistic, solutions-focused perspective.
  • Overcoming out of date limits and perspectives that are hurting your bonds.
  • Relationship challenges for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).
  • Using attachment styles to better understand your attitudes.

Find your confidence, be yourself, move on from the past.