Workplace Resilience

Corporate resilience training + 1:1 workplace coaching

Workplace resilience training + coaching

In any environment people function best when they are able to be themselves and play to their individual strengths. Investing in workplace resilience training and/or coaching empowers your people to be more adaptable and flexible, collaborative, creative and tenacious. 

Resilience training improves the ability to use positive mental skills to remain psychologically steady and focused when faced with challenges or adversity. As well as boosting enthusiasm, confidence, concentration and satisfaction.

So, businesses that invest in resilience training see productivity + wellbeing + motivation + performance all rise. 

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Is your business facing change?

Workplace Resilience Training Outcomes


  • Ability to maintain perspective in tough times.
  • Tools to cope better with stress.
  • Alternative conflict strategies.
  • Tips for greater mental flexibility e.g. emotional regulation and reframing.
  • More space for creativity, ideas + innovation.
  • Rebuilding individual confidence.
  • Overcoming negative narratives.
  • Moving past Imposter Syndrome, Self-Sabotage etc.


  • Supports inclusivity initiatives.
  • A boost to productivity + motivation.
  • Greater employee emotional wellbeing.
  • Increased engagement – staff feel valued.
  • Empathy + compassion improve team dynamics.
  • Improved retention and attractability.
  • New ways to overcome entrenched  issues and patterns.
  • Greater scope to adapt + be flexible.
  • Stronger relationships + teamwork.

"A fantastic session full of inspiring ideas to build resilience in a way that works for you."

Wellness Business.


"Simple solutions we just hadn't thought of - and some really interesting ideas. We left feeling very inspired."

Co-working space team.


"The training was well structured, practical, engaging and felt really empowering."

Online retailer.


Corporate Resilience Training

Workshops are 60 mins, online, for 5-50 people. Each one is bespoke to your company but designed around:

  • Conscious mind. Mindset +constructive habits. Challenging limits like imposter syndrome, perfectionism.
  • Unconscious mind. Negative core beliefs and narratives.
  • Body-mind connection. Physical actions and strategies for calm and focus.
  • Transformative tools. Creativity, learning, values, confidence building and many more.

I focus on engaging employees to go on to make changes in their own lives. Workshops can be tailored to the specific challenges of the business with add-ons available, including post-session online drop-ins and bespoke downloadable tools and courses.I also offer resilience coaching for individuals on a 1:1 basis for specific workplace challenges, such as the transition to leadership.

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What can you do with this investment?

Corporate resilience training not only provides practical tools and insights for growth and change but also sends a message about values and culture within the business. A single hour-long session can be a trigger for significant shifts. Organisations have used these sessions to help their workforce to:

  • Navigate change e.g. moving into a leadership role at work or hybrid working, handling redundancy or business cuts.
  • Boost morale, motivation and self-belief and mitigate the negative impact of job strain.
  • Repair damage done during COVID e.g. lower levels of confidence = staff requiring more constant validation.
  • Help individuals break out of habits that limit us in the workplace e.g. overanalysing, self-sabotage, perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, Imposter Syndrome.
  • Create a cultural shift towards more self-compassion, kindness and authenticity.  
  • Give people the tools to be more flexible and resourceful, so as to adapt in challenging times and keep finding solutions and creating opportunities.
  • Improve emotional intelligence and key skills, such as communication.
  • Develop confidence and resources for dealing with some of the most challenging moments of working with others, such as difficult conversations, passive aggression and inequality.
The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching
The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy/Counselling - Shore Coaching

Investment In People

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Me as a coach

I trained as a coach with Full Circle Global – accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), of which I am a member – and gained my Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, which makes me a qualified coach.

Continuous Professional Development is important to a coach and I love doing this, for example I recently completed a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University. I am also currently in the process of becoming an NLP Practitioner (I am already NLP Certified), accredited with the ICF and exploring somatic coaching as part of my practice.

Experience is another important factor when you’re evaluating whether someone is the right coach for you – my client testimonials reveal a lot about the kind of coach I am and what I can do.