Workplace Resilience

Corporate resilience training + 1:1 workplace coaching

Workplace resilience training + coaching

In any environment people function best when they are able to be themselves and play to their individual strengths. Investing in workplace resilience training and/or coaching empowers your people to be more adaptable and flexible, collaborative, creative and tenacious. 

Resilience coaching and/or training improve the ability to use positive mental skills to remain psychologically steady and focused when faced with challenges or adversity. As well as boosting enthusiasm, confidence, concentration and satisfaction.

So, businesses that invest in resilience training sessions and individual coaching see productivity + wellbeing + motivation + performance all rise. 

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Is your business facing change?

Resilience Training + Workshops

I offer resilience training + workshops to support healthy high performance, positive team dynamics, individual progress and lightbulb moment(s).

  • Resilience Workshops. 1-3hrs – up to 20 people, online or in-person. Exercises in resilience to improve engagement, inclusion, performance, collaboration and confidence. Outcomes include higher team cohesion, increased motivation, creativity, communication and improving insulation against stress. Options for managing workplace transitions (e.g. management or returning from mat leave) as well as empowering women at work (including menopause/perimenopause).
  • Resilience Training + Webinars. 1-2hrs – up to 50 people, online or in-person. Practical, useful deconstruction of the headline ideas around resilience and how to have more of it. A focus on mental health, stress resilience, empowering women at work and/or healthy high performance. Evidence-backed tool kit for challenges like high stress, low motivation, difficult conversations and managing energy and physical health. 

Every session can be made unique to the challenges and opportunities within your business environment.

Email me outlining your training goals or book a 10 minute chat to discuss.

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"We worked as a company with Alex and were all really happy about the decision to do so. The resilience session gave us many positive inputs, from new ways to handle personal and professional situations, to listen better to ourselves or gain a further awareness of our behaviour and actions. Alex' expertise and calm, kind approach made a wonderful session with a lot of engagement."

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"We had such an incredible experience attending Alex’s online workshop on motivation. What we found most valuable was her unique approach to harnessing motivation, from understanding how our mind works, consciously and unconsciously, and how sometimes it plays tricks on us, to choosing a language that moves us or changing habits to build more confidence and self-trust.The wealth of knowledge Alex shared opened up a world of new possibilities for all of us. Grateful for the valuable insights gained! This workshop has truly been a game-changer!"

Solange Moret, Founder & CEO of Women in Sight.


Individual resilience coaching

Resilience affects how we perceive ourselves and our challenges, how we interact with others and how we manage workload, opportunity and stress. Plus, employees are twice as motivated and productive if they are resilient. That’s why it’s such a useful basis for workplace coaching. I can work with your people individually to build resilience to help with:

  • Confidence + self-esteem
  • Resilience-based stress management tools + strategies
  • Management style
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Transitioning into leadership
  • Motivation, mindset + habits
  • Returning to work after maternity leave
  • Career planning + goal setting
  • Post-conflict+ managing difficult situations

Individual coaching takes place in 6-9 online coaching sessions over a two-month period, combined with email support and post-coaching follow up sessions to embed the change that has been achieved.

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Investment In People

Workplace Resilience Coaching Outcomes


  • Ability to maintain perspective in tough times.
  • Tools to cope better with stress and change.
  • Alternative conflict strategies.
  • Removing shame and misunderstanding around change/female health/perimenopause/menopause.
  • Tips for greater mental flexibility e.g. emotional regulation and reframing.
  • More space for creativity, ideas + innovation.
  • Rebuilding individual confidence.
  • Overcoming negative narratives that limit us at work.
  • Moving past Imposter Syndrome, Self-Sabotage etc.


  • More effective management styles.
  • A boost to productivity + motivation.
  • Greater employee emotional wellbeing.
  • Increased engagement – staff feel valued.
  • Empathy + compassion improve team dynamics.
  • Improved retention and attractability.
  • New ways to overcome entrenched  issues and patterns.
  • Greater scope to adapt + be flexible.
  • Stronger relationships + teamwork.
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Me as a coach

I trained as a coach with Full Circle Global and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have also completed a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University, am NLP certified and currently training in somatics, all of which adds to the quality and depth of the coaching I do.

Experience is another important factor when you’re evaluating whether someone is the right coach for you – my client testimonials reveal a lot about the kind of coach I am and what I can do.

As a human, I have gone from a London-based life as a solicitor to becoming an online life coach, author, podcaster, cold water swimmer and adventurer. I don’t believe you’re ever too old to start again and 99% of the time I know the only thing in your way is you.

I have helped hundreds of people change their lives with more resilience.