Self-expression coaching

Finding, and expressing, your authentic voice is a key part of resilience.

Self-expression Coaching 

Self-expression and resilience are intertwined. Accepting yourself is the root of resilience – re-learning who you are beneath everything that life has piled on over the years and getting back to Original You. Self-expression is part of this journey – and what brings your voice to life.

We connect, engage, communicate and build everything, from a business audience to community through self-expression. But it is rarely taught and, for many of us, is buried under creative doubt, fear and shame, social conditioning or just not knowing how – or what to say.

This can affect everything, from how you communicate with loved ones to how you market your business, use your unique creative talents and even how much space you allow yourself to take up in the world.

Self-expression has become a recurring theme for many of my coaching clients and, as I am in the unique position of being an experienced coach, a podcaster and a writer of 10+ years (copywriting +2 x published novels), I decided to do something about it.

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How is this delivered?

As a writer and experienced coach, the tools of self-expression are very much part of what I do and how I help others find freedom, deepen resources for challenging times and go on to thrive. I currently offer a short self-study course through which you can start exploring self-expression on your own terms – with the option to add on a couple of coaching sessions with me – or a completely bespoke coaching experience.

    Why self-expression matters and how heart-led writing can help you achieve it
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    5 Day Self-expression Coaching Course 

    £150. Time commitment: 10 hours (work at your own pace)

    Through this short course you’ll liberate yourself from any of the limits on self-expression imposed by your life so far. You’ll establish a self-expression practice and use it to write, speak, connect, post, create or just be yourself and tell your story.

    • Connect: to your creativity, an audience, to yourself + your voice.
    • Communicate: your story/truth, your ideas, your offering.
    • Engage: your creative mind and talents, other people, the courage + resilience to be truly authentic.
    • Overcome: fear of judgment, creativity wounds, mental + emotional blocks, your inner critic.
      The course is made up of video, audio, exercises and assignments (5) to help you tap into the most authentic part of you and start expanding into that potential. It is completed over 5 days, with a 1-2 hour time commitment per day (see the workbook below). You can submit each assignment for feedback if you choose and have the option of online coaching to support your progress.

    Bespoke self-expression coaching package 

    £1,125. Time Commitment: 20 hours

    This package can be tailored specifically to your goals and the experience you want to have. You are buying 15 hours of my time to dedicate to a bespoke coaching structure that will work for you to achieve your writing goal.

    All 6 modules delivered via the combination of face-to-face or online coaching, assignments, worksheets, exercises that will best work for you (to a bespoke structure devised by me after an initial consultation).

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    Why does self-expression matter?

    Being silenced can be incredibly painful – and that’s especially so if we’re doing it to ourselves. A lack of self-expression often means that we are repressing part of who we are and that can cause a lot of internal conflict. It can trigger mental and emotional pain, make us feel isolated and frustrated and like we are only living in the world as a shadow.

    The consequences of this could be anything, from that nagging feeling that you’ve got something more to give to a low level boiling rage that never leaves you. It could also mean that you find it difficult to make connections, that your business marketing falls flat or that you struggle to be seen and heard when it really matters.

    The purpose of self-expression coaching is to access your authentic voice – the real you – so that others can connect to that, personally or professionally. 

    Self-expression coaching learning outcomes

    What can you use this for?

    Anywhere that you’re using expression, whether that’s art, creating content for your business, putting together presentations, preparing for interviews, posting on social media or finally writing that novel.

    What practical outcomes can you expect at the end of it?

    • Confidence in your voice, message, ideas, truth and ability to communicate all of it.
    • A self-expression practice you can use to write, speak, connect, post, create or just be yourself and tell your story.
    • Establishing your own individual style and authentic voice.
    • Finding joy and confidence in a process that might seem intimidating and feeling excited about what you can do next.

    Getting clear on what you want to do

    What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? Exploring and refining your message/mission statement, as well as how to practically make that happen. Looking at how you want to connect with people and the options available for that. 

    Identifying your audience

    Who are you trying to reach? Connect to what your audience wants, the best way to communicate your ideas/message/truth and get clear about what might be stopping you right now. 

    Removing the obstacles

    What’s holding you back? Creative expression can be hampered by any number of things, from past experiences to a lack of confidence or just not knowing where to start. With this self-expression course (or coaching) you’ll be able to get past the obstacles, such as the idea of selling, imposter syndrome over something like writing a whole novel, or the conditioning that surrounds the idea of what is ‘creative’ or ‘professional.’

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why offer self-expression coaching?

    This came from several requests I had to combine my expertise as a coach and a writer to help others get more from their creativity and ideas. I am a published author and copywriter of 10+ years and I have a lot of experience writing for the online world. I’m also a coach with the tools to help you move beyond any blocks to your self-expression and to help you start communicating authentically and bravely, no matter what your mission or medium.

    How does the coaching work?

    Depending on whether you choose the course or the bespoke coaching, this is delivered through the combination of practical exercises, editorial support and live coaching sessions. 

    What happens if we start and it's not for me?

    As per the coaching agreement, you can bring your coaching sessions to an end at any time if you feel like the relationship is not working for you. That’s the same even if you have paid up front to take advantage of a discount. The course is non-refundable once you’ve started it.

    Coaching Credentials

    ICF accredited coach (resilience)

    x 2 published author (crime thrillers, Alex Blackmore)

    Copywriter of 10+ years experience (incl brands such as Red Bull, Travelex and many boutique businesses, such as Roger Frampton Strength Coach and Akademie Street Guest House)

    Print interviews including Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the internet.