The short answer to this is: yes. Resilience is something we all have. However, we don’t all have the same level of resilience and most of us don’t use it to its full potential. It’s both the foundation and the fuel for adventurous and whole hearted living, loving and all the rest. 

Defining resilience

Resilience is very much about mindset – creating choices in how we respond to what happens to us. It has an influence on a lot of our experience of life including:

  • How much we can use emotional intelligence
  • Being able to be flexible in the face of change 
  • Whether we feel confident and believe in ourselves
  • The way we talk to ourselves – realistic, positive, courageous and grounded or negative, critical and risk averse?
  • How well we connect with others/feel comfortable with emotional intimacy
  • Being able to evolve and grow 
  • How clearly we can see our purpose – and how motivated we are to follow up on it

The context in which most of us are familiar with resilience is the foundational one – bouncing back from issues, knowing we can do hard things, surviving tough times. All humans go through stuff and this is where we get a sense of being resilience from – having gritted your teeth and survived.

But there is another level of resilience that supports more than just survival – it fuels thriving too. Building up resilience through working with a resilience coach can give you much more than just the ability to get through the tough times – it will also do the following:

Strengthening intuition and acceptance of uncertainty

Resilience moves us away from a reliance on certainty, allowing you to connect to your intuition, your awareness of who you are and to align the conscious and subconscious. This is not woo woo, it’s a very practical process of self-awareness and learning to make decisions that are absolutely right for you.

Generating long-lasting confidence

Resilience drives up confidence. It generates self belief, helps you to champion your creativity and provides the drive to back yourself. When you’re operating from a place of excitement and contentedness your confidence naturally shines through.

Getting clear about what you want

Resilience also creates space for clarity, for getting clear about what you want and freeing yourself from the limits, negative narratives and beliefs that stop you from getting it. 

Becoming bold, brave and proactive

Resilience is also a huge part of courage. From a place of resilience you can find the drive to take action, get unstuck, manage risk and get outside your comfort zone. Courage and action become a daily habit.

You may not come to coaching with a need for all of the above – most people take a combination of these to create the change they want to see in life or work. But resilience really works as a conduit for this. It is like a rich primordial soup from which everything else can grow. Life flows better, feels better and is more exciting, adventurous and fulfilling when you have more of it.

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