Why would you need a life coach? When is this different from a therapist? Do you need a life coach AND a therapist? Coaching is a positive and proactive process that focuses on goals. It includes an element of talking (like therapy) but issues that come up are put into the context of “how does this resonate with me now and what do I need to do to move past it.” This is different to therapy, which is exclusively backward looking. You can find out more about coaching vs therapy here – and the signs that you might need a life coach below.

1. You say I feel stuck. You know you can do more but you don’t know how and something keeps holding you back.

2. You need clarity – maybe you’re facing a big decision, or you know you’re ready to make a big change, but you want to talk to someone first.

3. You want to find some balance – you can’t remember when you were last present, having fun or connected to your inner child, playfulness and joy.

4. You’re ready to respond differently to life’s challenges and opportunities. Old habits and patterns aren’t working – you want to do things in a new way but don’t know how to make that happen.

5. You need structure and discipline – you’ve got so much to give and to do but you struggle with boundaries, motivation and implementing things.

6. You’re stressed and tired – everything feels hard and takes so much work. You’re looking for a different route to success, one built on ease and alignment.

7. You’re wasting time and money – you’re procrastinating, feel like you’ve been going in circles or spending money on half measures that don’t get you anywhere.

If you resonate with any of the above then 6 sessions of coaching could make all the difference. Book a (free) discovery chat with me to find out more.

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